In 2014, we build. Together.

January 1st, 2014


That’s pretty much what I think about when looking back at 2013. It’s been an amazing year with its ups and downs and it has brought so many great memories to my collection. This past year, I’ve learned what to fight for and, more importantly, how to do it: with patience, courage, optimism and love. 2013 has taught me how to leave the bitter past behind and enjoy the good times, the good memories, the people worth keeping in my life.

2 years ago, I found at the tip an old bottle that looked rather pretty so I picked it up for 50p and turned it into a new year’s resolution bottle. The idea was to write on little papers something I would like to achieve the following year or in the years to come, if it’s something major and check at the end of the year how I did. Last year the main thing I wished for was to move in with Larisa. And not to die of hunger while living together. Surprisingly, we did it and it turned out better than we expected it. We even have a cat: Archie, a beautiful Bengal beast (on the same note, I apologize to our neighbors for ‘borrowing’ their cat: Archie is well loved in our little family, just fyi).  This year, the bottle is half full again with dreams and plans and ideas and I couldn’t be more excited about working towards all of them.

2014 caught me on Portsdown Hill, in Portsmouth, drinking champagne from camping mugs, eating chocolate, watching the fireworks and being in love. It was by far the greatest new year’s eve I’ve ever experienced and I truly hope this is how this year will be: full of adventure, spontaneous getaways, more outdoor activities, improvement, happiness and love. I’m a massive list freak and, as every year, I’ve put together a realistic (ahem!) list of what I’d like to do in 2014, so here you go:

– learn to swim (I know, embarrassing )

– learn to make tripe soup ( ciorba de burta ftw, romanii stiu de ce)

– get into climbing properly and read more about via ferrata

– put together, little by little, my travel kit (lucky me got for Christmas my favorite Montane Atomic jacket and very soon, thanks to my uncle, my aunt and my not-so-generous salary, I’ll be purchasing THE boots: Meindl Burma Pro)

– write more on the blog about the “Happy home” project.

– start growing few fruits and vegetables in our new allotment

– cook more Romanian food

– finish uni and get a new job ( even though Mcdonalds promise great career opportunities, I’d like to go up a tad, maybe Subway or Bella Italia even, great for my language practice)

– keep in touch with my old/new friends and family

– go rollerskating

– learn to use a sewing machine

– teach my over-30yo housemates how to clean a house properly (or at least teach them a lesson, they ll thank me later for that)

– have every month at least one girl’s night ( Larisa’s idea: pajamas, hot chocolate, porn. oh, hmm, did I say porn? I meant romantic scenes. From porn.)

– go camping more often and do more outdoor activities (and no, I wasn’t thinking about dogging, pervs)

– go to Brighton Breeze or any other VW campervan shows

– dance everyday (doesn’t even matter the weird look people give you on the street)

– go back home to Romania and visit everyone.

– say ‘ I love you!’, ‘I’m sorry!’ and ‘Thank you!’ more often (Steve, I’m sorry I farted in the car last night, seconds before new year)

– hug my loved ones every time I get the opportunity.

– don’t take myself too seriously

– learn to drive

– learn all the capitals of the world (my obsession at the moment)

– save up for a keyboard and learn to play it (Multumesc, pisi, pentru ghidul de incepator)

-start traveling.

I would add many more, but I know it won’t happen ( no way I can give up doughnuts or chocolate and definitely won’t be able to do 100 sit-ups every 2 days. who am I kidding? ) 2014 is about making the extra effort, having great experiences and learning new things. It’s all about building another part of my life with the people I love. In 2014, we build together.

Happy new year, people! Do well and do good!



Portugal. Erasmus 2012-2013

Portugal. Erasmus 2012-2013

My housemate and my future housemate.

My housemate and my future housemate.

Super mum

Super mum

THE boots: Meindl Burma Pro

THE boots: Meindl Burma Pro

Archie, the beast.

Archie, the beast.

First time climbing.

First time climbing.

Our little new year's eve hamper.

Our little new year’s eve hamper.

The view from Portsdown Hill. Happy new year!

The view from Portsdown Hill. Happy new year!


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