Getting ready for the trip of my life: Kit list

It’s no secret I have been planning to go travelling for a very long time. In fact, me coming to England was the first step towards my mam_t-advanced_gtx_women_largebiggest goal in life – to see as much of this world as I can. Well, the plan is not going as I expected. I haven’t won the lottery, I haven’t married a Richie rich and surprisingly, me being Romanian hasn’t helped much with stealing the bank. What’s this all about? I thought it’s in the blood.

Anyway..I have been putting together a list with stuff I might need to purchase in order to make my trip around the world rather enjoyable and worry free. I don’t need a 5 star hotel, but who am I kidding, I do like to be comfortable wherever I go. And I’m a girl – no sexism here, but we ARE stressed when it comes to where we wash, ‘have I taken the make up remover?’, ‘these shoes don’t match my fancy top’ or ‘baby, can I put some of my things in your bag? *puppy eyes’

There will be couch-surfing and hitch-hiking when possible and very little money (working part-time on minimum wage while studying + living on your own doesn’t help that much, but hey, being independent is for cool people, right? RIGHT?)

I am in the process of checking reviews and trying many things in order to come up with the best options especially when it comes to rucksacks, sleeping bags, etc.. I have little to no travelling experience (working as an au pair for a crazy lady in Italy doesn’t count) so I’m hoping any of you who will read this will also give me useful advice. I’m sure I will remove and add many items along the way, but for the moment there you go – my basic kit list for when I go wandering around the world. I haven’t categorized them in anyway. Yet.

  1. Rucksack : stuff sack/dry bag
  2. Rambling shoes
  3. Sleeping bag
  4. Self-inflating sleeping mat
  5. Inflatable neck cushion (sleeping on the bus/train doesn’t need to be uncomfortable)
  6. First aid kit
  7. More medicine ( diarrhoea can be a party-pooper)
  8. Mosquito repellent
  9. Water bottle
  10. Water purifying tablets
  11. Day sack/ bag for the money, plane tickets, passport etc..
  12. Ear plugs/ eye mask
  13. Waterproof jacket
  14. Torch
  15. Lighter
  16. Wash bag with all your bits. (if you’re one of the people who only washes once a week, then you’re a lucky one, my friend)
  17. Travel towel
  18. Travel washing line (just a normal thicker string will do, I suppose)
  19. Multi-purpose travel wash
  20. Knife
  21. Map/Compass
  22. Adaptors/chargers/solar chargers
  23. Clothes/Shoes – fara numar = Romanian slang for as many as you can, sort of.
  24. Cards/chess or anything you can play that won’t take lots of space in your bag.

In the photo, there’s my favourite pair of shoes so far. Mammut T-advanced GTX : comfortable, lightweight and just amazing.

That’s all, folks. Do good and be happy!




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